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Summertime Islamorada Tarpon

Hey y'all! It's Captain Drew Nobregas of Fishy Business charters with an updated fishing report about what's going on in the Keys. It truly is a special time of year for us as the backcountry is alive with all the great tarpon snook, bonefish, permit, trout and redfishing you can handle! Hence why I call June the month of the super slam! This is the most possible time to catch all 5 highest targeted species in Islamorada all in one day's fishing. Not only that, but the big snappers are spawning on the reef, and the mahi action is red hot with most guys catching their limit by 10am! With it being the first month the Keys is back open to visitors, the fishing in the Keys and ecosystem as a whole are teeming with life. However, i'll start by talking about my first few trips these past two weeks.

On the day of June 1st I had an incredible trip with my friend and long-time client Kevin. Kevin is an experienced angler and books me about 5-10 times a year, and during that time we chase big tarpon, bonefish, and permit. On this particular day we started out by catching some live mullet and heading to the usual tarpon hangouts. By 11am we caught 5 GIANT TARPON all over 100lbs! Great fishing would be an understatement. Kevin was tapped out on trying to get another one so we headed into the backcountry for some bonefish, and man did we find them. We caught 5 bones by 1:30 or so, then did a little snapper fishing to finish off the day. Everything seemed to work in our favor as the snappers we caught reached up to 5lbs.. For the Florida Keys, and anywhere else in the world that is a great day. But most importantly, my good client Kevin couldn't be any happier.

After the epic day of tarpon fishing locally, we ventured out into the Everglades the following day. To our surprise, we found an absolute pile of snook! We caught 50 or so fish from 20-30 inches then went to the further reaches of the park in search of tripletail. We caught 2 beautiful fish in the 8lb range that joined us for dinner on the same night, then took a nice and easy stroll back home. I couldn't have been more appeased by the incredible fishing we witnessed.

Just about every day has been very successful for me whether we're chasing tarpon, snook, bonefish, trout, redfish, tripletail, or snapper. Weekends have been tougher with higher volumes of pressure on the fish but the action has kept steady nonetheless. If you are booking an Islamorada fishing charter though I highly recommend a good set of rain gear for this time of the year as it is very common to come across a torrential downpour in the middle of clear skies and calm winds.

On the offshore side of the island, the mahi fishing has been nothing short of amazing. Its a great time of year for those who'd like to bring fish home with them because oftentimes mahi travel in big packs of sometimes over 100 fish. Its a fish that has a short lifespan and breeds rapidly so the species quantity stays high. Now through August should be a great time to venture for them as they pass through the gulf stream to feed and breed. There are plenty of offshore fishing captains out of the Bass Pro Shops Worldwide Sportsman marina who would be happy to take you and your group to go do this.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy amongst this pandemic and if you get a chance, make sure to visit the Florida Keys and give back to the small businesses who need you most.

I appreciate everyone who took the time to read my Islamorada Fishing Report and remember... The tug is the drug and if you chum they will come!

Tight Lines,

Captain Drew Nobregas

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