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A very fishy April

First off, I hope everyone is taking the correct precautionary steps to quarantine so that we can get back to normal daily life as soon as possible. Although I have not been able to do charters, I've been very blessed in being able to still get out of the house and go fishing. With less boating and fishing pressure, the Florida Keys has been incredibly alive with marine life. Dolphins are happily chasing big schools of mullet, sailfish are tailing down the edges of the reef, tarpon are rolling around the channels in big numbers, seatrout have been willingly eating big topwater lures, and the snook and redfish have been plentiful throughout the islands and flats surrounding them. Now all I need is some people to take fishing!

In other news, the word is out that the Florida Keys hotels will be reopening on June 1st, so book your stay and charter reservations as soon as you can! Many of the resorts are already booked up from what I hear, but some places like the Cheeca Lodge and Little Basin Villas still have availability. Both of those accommodations are great too because I can pick you up right at the dock of either place.

The fishing has been nothing short of incredible this month! In the evenings I have tarpon fished the bite has been wide open where we've had at least 10 hookups with anywhere from 3-5 fish landed per trip. The mangrove snappers around the islands closer to home have been anywhere from 2-4lbs with some fish even bigger mixed in and the snook, redfish, and trout in Everglades National Park have been one after another just about every cast. It's like how fishing use to be! I even had a day back in the bay where I didn't see another boat!

This week I had the chance to do some offshore fishing and it truly did not disappoint. The sailfish bite was epic with several multiple fish hookups, and in between all the mayhem we even managed to catch some big blackfin tuna and mahi as well. The offshore fishing especially has been some of the best I've ever seen in my 28 years of living here which made these last couple trips very special.

Myself and my family are so lucky to be safe and healthy throughout this pandemic and I hope you are too. I dream of the next day hopefully sooner rather than later that I can take my good clients fishing, old and new. So i can show them this amazing fishery the Florida Keys still stands to be. Thank you so much for reading and remember...

The tug is the drug and if you chum they will come!

Tight Lines,

Captain Drew Nobregas

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