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COVID-19 Update

Hey everybody! I'd like to inform all guests about what's going on in the Florida Keys with respect to COVID-19. As of Sunday, the Florida Keys has shut down all hotels, Airbnb's, and most of the businesses due to the possibility of prolonging the spread of the virus. All residents have been informed to stay at home or anywhere that limits contact with people so that this situation can digress.

The time in which visitors can be let back into the Keys is at a to-be-determined date. However, I will be updating all of my media platforms to let you know when we will be back in business.

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy through these troubling times. We are all suffering from this whether physically, emotionally, or financially. So help ones who need it because we are all experiencing some level of difficulty in some way.

In the midst of our Florida Keys quarantine, here’s a picture with two blackfin tunas my beautiful girlfriend and I caught the other day while fun fishing.

Thank you,

Capt. Drew Nobregas

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