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Christmas Fishing

Hey everybody! It’s Captain Drew Nobregas with another Islamorada Fishing Report. Very unpredictable weather has led me to cancel a few trips but there were several days in the past few weeks where we did get some time to fish.

I ran two trips last week and two trips this week which were all filled with steady action and a smorgasbord of different fish. My trip last Monday was incredible despite the heavy winds. We ran back into the Everglades National Park in search of snook and redfish which paid off handsomely. We must’ve caught 30+ fish of each species with some very respectable trout in between! I truly couldn’t have asked for a better trip. Also, just yesterday I did something I typically only do a few times a year which is run a boat for a client.

This time of the year I often run a 35’ intrepid out of Key Largo with a family of 6 who love offshore fishing. We started the morning by catching some ballyhoos and anchoring up on the edge of the reef. We caught red groupers, mutton snappers up to 12lbs, porgies, yellowtails, and a sailfish at the end of the afternoon. That’s what we call in the fishing business “Dinner and a show”. It makes things nice for me to have a change of office view and a chance to hone in on my offshore fishing skills. The wind was blowing from the north at around 10 knots which made for only a variable chop.

The weather and the weatherman have been very undependable these past few days. Torrential downpours with heavy gusts of rain have hit all of South Florida and especially the Keys putting a damper on winter vacation for some. For those of my clients who have stuck it out though, we have been fishing in the snottiest of conditions mother nature has come to bring us and it didn't stop the fish from biting!

So if you're looking to come fishing in the keys this time of year I highly suggest you come prepared with a sweater, a rain jacket, and boat shoes to provide you good traction on the boat. Some days in the winter here it can be 85 degrees and sunny, or 55 and rainy. The best thing is to have a dry bag and that extra pair of proper attire just in case a rain storm or cold front happens to occur while you're out there.

Thank you for reading my Islamorada Fishing Report and remember... The tug is the drug and if you chum they will come!

Tight Lines,

Capt. Drew Nobregas

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