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Summertime slam

Hey everybody! This is Captain Drew Nobregas aka Fishy Business with a very, juicy, Islamorada Fishing Report I can't wait to unveil! Lets start with the offshore fishing on the Atlantic side of the island.

The mahi bite has still been going strong with several fish in the 5-10lb range being caught, as well as a handful of really big ones we like to call "Slammers" in the 20lb class and above. Most fish are cruising around what we like to call the Humps where debris and birds like to stack up. Captain Ross DeMarzo of Alllitup Charters has been putting up insane numbers of nice size Mahis in the past few weeks and comes highly recommended as one of the top Islamorada offshore experts in his class. Captain Ross fishes out of a beautiful 34' Freeman that blends style and comfort into the perfect fishing machine for anglers looking to have that once in a lifetime amazing fishing charter experience.

The Blackfin Tuna have been out there in full force as well with several of the offshore guys coming in with 20+ fish on the regular! Trolling, live baiting, and even fly fishing are just a few of the ways we like to target the tuna here off Islamorada. So If you're looking for that constant action, multiple hookup type fishing to fill the freezer with good eats, now is the time to book your Islamorada offshore trip!

Last but not least, a few of the offshore captains out of the Bass Pro are masters of this art we like to call Daytime Swordfishing. It's hours of silence followed by minutes of madness. This is a high intensity fishing experience for the skilled angler looking to capture a fish known as the Lion of the Sea; the elusive Swordfish. You could be staring at a mere motionless rod-tip for what seems like days, or fighting a relentlessly acrobatic creature of the deep for several hours. It's a huge gamble most people have a hard time justifying, but Captain Ryan of 4Reel Charters rolled the dice and landed a 250 pounder! Captain Ryan fishes out of a 34' Sea Vee and is proficient at the Daytime Swordfishing game if you're looking for a guide to put you on the fish of a lifetime. I even caught my first swordfish with him!

On the bayside of Islamorada, the fishing is truly at its peak. This time of the year never ceases to amaze me with the variety of fish we're seeing on the daily. Its not uncommon this time of the year to catch any of the 3 slams possible: The Backcountry Slam (Snook, redfish, Tarpon), The West Coast Slam (Snook, Redfish, Trout), or the Grand Slam (Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit). 3 out of my last 4 trips we've landed at least one tarpon, snook, redfish, and trout. For most people looking to target permit and bonefish, its best to fish with a guide who has a technical poling skiff for ultimate shallow water capability and stealth. One of our skiff guides out of the Bass pro, Captain Rich Mitchell caught several permit last week and is especially a master with the bonefish. if you're looking for a sight fishing experience with a genuinely great teacher, he's your guy.

Another exciting thing going on has been the tripetail fishing in Everglades National Park. Tripletail are an incredibly tasty fish that might randomly pop up in your way while going from spot to spot in the backcountry. All of our backcountry fishing guides have been putting our clients on tripletails in between the mid day lulls of snook and redfishing. This is a great introductory fish that can open up the door to the exciting world of sight fishing. Now because these fish are currently spawning, its a great time to make this fishing part of your day, but not the whole day because letting them breed and populate our waters is most important. This is arguably my favorite kind of fishing to do as it is very visually appealing and great table fare.

I hope you enjoyed this fishing report and remember, the tug is the drug and if you chum they will come!

Tight Lines,

Captain Drew Nobregas

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