June Fake Bait Tarpon

I can't express to you how exciting of a year June can be for tarpon. We're just starting to get in that phase where the fish tend to be smaller and have more willingness to eat an artificial. Common size tarpon around now are anywhere from 10-80 pounds and seem to be much more acrobatic than those 100+lb bruisers that just wear you down to your core after fighting them.

There's nothing like sneaking up on a pod of happy tarpon willing to explode on a surface lure, but accuracy is everything at this instance. So long as you can move an artificial with some decency, that tarpon is going to eat it! i throw a variety of different plugs and soft plastics that I've found very effective over the years. I'm just so lucky to have grown up here because 10 or 15 years ago when I started prominently fishing for tarpon I never kept a live bait in the boat. It was always a soft pastic, plug, or fly I always threw. So in doing that years ago I now can help a client master the art of fake bait tarpon fishing; which is challenging but holds more reward in the end.

As we move into the swing of summer, tarpon fishing gets even more exciting! I highly recommend this trip to the purest fisherman, bass fisherman that likes to throw his baitcaster, and the intermediate fisherman who just started finding confidence in his casting. Just remember, we don't always get a tarpon to the boat, but hooking one and getting it to jump is an accomplishment in itself.

If you'd like to book a trip you can call or text me anytime at the contact provided here on my website so I can get you to experience some truly amazing fishing we have going on right now. I hope everyone's enjoying their summer and making time in the future to get into some Fishy Business!

Tight Lines,

Capt. Drew Nobregas

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