Action Packed April

What's goin' on Fishy People! Captain Drew here again, with yet another, juicy, fishing report!

The speckled Seatrout bite has stayed RED HOT for several weeks now. Ever since the water started warming up, we've consistently seen fish from the 15-25 inch range with some fish EVEN BIGGER! A fish over 20 inches is considered a gator trout and there has been plenty of those big girls lurking around as well! In between it's nice to see that no cast is a dull one with all the catfish tugging, lady fish jumping, and jack thumping action you or your kid can handle!

A little closer from the dock the tarpon have been pouring through the bridges at a ferocious pace. I saw a school of migrating silver bullets that could've had well over several hundred fish in it! Some days are better than others with bite to catch ratios, but fortunately we've been able to land multiple fish a day. To break up some of the cricket sounds in between the slow periods we've been running to the closer islands and putting on a clinic with the mangrove snappers. Tasty as can be too if you like to eat fish. Typically we don't have to wait long and it doesn't take too much difficulty to put enough for dinner in the boat.

Out further in the Everglades the redfish and snook bite has stayed steady. We've been catching multiple small redfish in the mix with some very respectable snook. Typically with this kind of fishing we're picking away at them (getting a bite here and there) with small lull periods in between. However, as long as you can make an accurate cast and be persistent with proper placement, you should be rewarded with some quality fish.

That's all for this week's fishing report! Don't forget to call, text, or email me if you have any inquiry or question about a charter in my contact info. Thanks for reading!

Tight Lines,

Capt. Drew Nobregas

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