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Fishing through the Holidays

Happy Holidays fishy people! I hope everyone enjoyed a serving or 10 of tasty food and post-season football! While life up north is consumed with a harsh winter of shoveling snow and defrosting car windows, the Florida Keys has been nothing but blue skies and fair weather in the backcountry the last several weeks. Most days I've been spending my time fishing for Spanish Mackerel, Snappers, Cobias, Sharks, and Goliath Groupers. This is a unique fishery we have during this time of year as a whole new ecosystem comes alive with lower than normal water temperatures. Although its only an hour or so run into the backcountry, you'll find yourself in the gulf of Mexico, which seems like a desolate land of silence, when really, you're in an active oasis filled with fish of all species and sizes. it all just depends on where you're fishing. I have several different wrecks and rock piles that have consistently held large numbers of cobias, mackerels, snappers, trout, jacks, and big groupers. A full day is highly suggested for this type of fishing so that we can effectively fish each spot with an ample amount of time to get the fish chummed up. Typically we throw bucktail jigs for the cobias and mackerel while waiting for a grouper or shark to bite the big rod. Then, be ready to snap into a beast because it's game on! This is truly dinner and a show as snapper, mackerel, and cobia are delectable table fare. Meanwhile, the sharks and groupers will have you saddled into the fight of your life! Don't hesitate to email, call, or text me about booking a trip, or simply just a question you may have. My goal is to make the florida keys vacationer's fishing experience unforgettable.

Tight Lines,

Capt. Drew

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