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Juicy Report

Hey Fishy people! Captain Drew here ready to give you the scoop on the fishing down in sunny Islamorada! The weather has been great with just enough wind to stir things up and make us stealthy to the fish, but not too windy to blow us off the water. Last week we had the full moon to go along with lobster season so that made it tough for the tarpon fishermen. However, the snook and trout are showing back up in very good numbers and some good ones too! There have been solid bait pods along the beaches, creeks, and canals in the Everglades and slowly the fish will follow suit and show up in bigger and bigger numbers as fall approaches. As for fishing offshore and on the reefs, the snapper and mahi fishing have still been excellent across all the Florida Keys. Several of the guides out of Worldwide Sportsman reported lots of big mutton snappers over 15 pounds and schools of Mahi in the thousands! Other than a few showers in the morning the weather has really been spectacular and the fish are chewing! Check out the pictures from the last few days below and come wet your whistle!

Tight Lines, Captain Drew Nobregas

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